Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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EdTech Cadre

I am walking away with enough information regarding sketchcast and that makes me fairly comfortable in sharing it with other staff and students.

I really like our students to watch and learn with the teachers as we learn to make and post videos.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Intro to Active Inspire - July 26 & 27, Aug 2 & 3, or Aug 9 & 10

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Here are additional online resources we will be using:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Active Engagement Using Promethean Products

Objective: The participant will experience using different engaging activities with a variety of Promethean Tools to support integrating technology into the curriculum. The different tools and activities include:
  1. Teacher LED
  2. Crickweb
  3. TopMarks
  4. PHET
  5. Shodor
  6. NLVM
  7. ReadWriteThink
  8. Arcademic Skill Builders

Google This and Google That

Objective: You will gain a better understanding of Google options and Google Tools by completing the in-class projects which include the following:
  • create a google account
  • create a google IG page
  • create and use google docs
  • create and use a google customized search engine
  • create your google alerts
  • browse through googles Groups, FastFlip, News Timeline, Directory, Search Features, and more

Collection of links for Google Workshop June 14 and 15th in Hermiston, OR

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Digital Stories

After watching a couple of "digital stories" from Discovery Education Streaming, my class created their own. This is one example from my multi-age classroom. I have PreK-Second Grade. Enjoy!

Spring Happenings

Click on the picture
for a photostory of the Helix
Second Grade.

Homework/Lesson for High School Math

I use this website to post the assignments, notes and the video of my lesson. The students use it especially if they are absent or they want to relisten to my lesson. I record the lesson via elluminate.

Digital ART with Picnik

Media Center projects for the year of collaboration......Retelling the Foot book with student used digital pictures, Eric Carle-40 Anniversary of the Hungry Caterpillar retelling, Charlotte's Web Retelling of Second grade, I spy 4th creations and several more.

Promethean board and clickers...created a Census for our school community to gather information before the national Census 2010. 4th grade created tables and graphs with the data.

Voting for our literature favorite picks in several catagories...

Kristy and Jeanne

Flip Camera

We have been working on a class play and had the opportunity to perform our play for the retirement community at Sun Terrace in Hermiston. Because of the limited seating parents were not able to come watch their child. I used the Flip camera to record the video did some minor editing and then posted onto our blog for parents (and others) to view. Jenny Corey

Our final project in 8th grade math is a "World Issues Statistics Project".

Also, I

Ancient Greece Virtual Museum

Our class created a virtual museum for Ancient Greece. The students worked in groups to create artifacts about Ancient Greece. We used several different mediums including Google maps, Mixbook, Sketchup, and Voki. The coolest part of this was that when students were home sick, they were still able to collaborate on their projects using e-mail, chat, and Google docs.

We also used Animoto. This is a quick video done to thank our parent group.
Thankyou Pie

Digital Stories

After watching a couple of "digital stories" from Discovery Education Streaming, my class created their own. This is one example from my multi-age classroom. I have PreK-Second Grade. Enjoy!

Cindy T. - Technology Integration in the Classroom and for the Education Professional

My world has been opened by social networking this year. I use it to network with friends, family, colleagues, and educational professionals that I have met and not met. I keep up with local, national, and educational news. This wordle is some of the new technologies that have opened my eyes.

Wordle: Cindy

Also, our final project for 8th grade math this year is a "World Issues" Statistics Project. Students will be:

Researching World Issues
Finding Appropriate Data
Using Excel to Make Data Tables and Graphs
Fit Best Fit Line to Data and Determine equation.
Use Equation to Predict the Future
Share via Posters with Class and at Math Fair

Umatilla Author Study

Here's a link to Clara Brownell Middle School 7/8th grade author study project. Check out the authors that students like to read.

Calleen Reis

Umatilla, OR


2nd Grade Project: This is a sample of a practice run using fotobabble. Now that students know how fotobabble works, they are inserting pictures of birds they researched and voice recording interesting facts.
Billie Parker

PB & J

Photo Show

This is a photoshow made by one of my 7th grade students.

I hope you enjoy!!

Lore Martin

My Attempt with Prezi

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting Inspired - An Intro to Active Inspire

Here are resources available for use during this workshop.

1. Please complete Promethean's online form indicating you are taking Active Inspire workshop. The first question asks you to identify the name of the course, please choose "other" and type in the title of this session (title on blog post). Click here to complete the form.

2. Here is a flipchart we will be using for this session, download by clicking here - Introduction Flipchart

3. Please complete the following to sign in for todays workshop, this sign in creates State of Oregon PDU's.