Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We did it We did it!!!

Redmond OR Voki

I sent this Voki to my school via email!

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Watch the videos of our evening out in Portland by using Glogster!

ITSC Web2.0 Review of Key Terms

Our Group

Mrs. Hawley's Santa Canvas

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itsc tm conference

Mrs. Hawley's Santa Canvas

My students were each assigned a scaled section of the blank canvas. Each of them then painted their section to create a beautiful masterpiece while matching color and texture.

mini lesson on voicethread


san diego

San Diego is a great place to hang out!

Student Presentation of Solar System

This is very fun.


I rock...this is so cool

Dividing Fractions

This is a great way to share with parents what the kids do!


This is an example of storytelling.

Voices of Africa Voicethread

First Class Try

Why Chickens are eaten by Hawks

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Global Warming

What will YOU do to help our planet?

The Solar System

lewis and clark voicethread

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharing Student Success

ITSC 2008

This blog is meant for those attending the Workshop at ITSC 2008 as a place to share their experiences by posting web2.0 tools here for all to read. We hope you enjoy this collection of our journey as teachers being students.

Examples of teachers sharing student work:

Web2.0 Tools for this workshop:

Photo Sharing

Enhanced with Audio/Video

Mapping Your World