Thursday, July 24, 2008

More with PowerPoint

Use PowerPoint as a "desktop learning space" incorporating everything from assignment to assessment. Toss the traditional approach, not the software. Create dynamic digital workspaces where students organize thoughts and share their understandings through written, graphic, and sound communications.
  1. Glyph Activity
    1. Save as JPG and upload to blog
  2. Callouts Activity - Pick one and complete
  3. Talking Books instructions and samples
  4. Book Blasts
    1. Go to International Children's Digital Library - find a book and read it
    2. Are you a reader? Download and show activities
    3. Download Mini-book template and complete using one of the prompts from Book Blasts.
    4. Online Stapleless Books at Read-Write-Think
    5. Vickie Blackwell's Poof Book Instructions
  5. E-Stories
    1. Download Background starters and use clip art and call outs to tell the story
    2. Let’s tell a tall tale – download slide show, follow instructions to write a tall tale
  6. E-Scrapbooks
    1. Jobs Then and Now takes you to Colonial Williamsburg
    2. Spend time looking at additional resources and lesson ideas
  7. Problem Solvers
    1. Create a math problem or writing prompt
    2. Upload it to Voice Thread
  8. Quests
    1. Think! Create! Share!
    2. Embedding movies – use Google Docs to embed a You-Tube video into slide
  9. Info. Formats
    1. Download and explore one of the starters
    2. Tutorial on editing a slide master
    3. Use Children's Phoenetic Dictionary to create a Worksheet
    4. Animal Sounds
    5. Use Kidspiration to get ideas
  10. Info. Sequencing
    1. Download and explore one of the starters
  11. Audio Adventure Starters
  12. PowerPoint Photo Album
Many of these activities and ideas are from Annette Lamb's fabulous Eduscapes workshop: Technology-Enhanced Learning Spaces & Powerpoint Sidekicks

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